The New Zealand Brain Tumor Trust


You’ll notice a lot of young people in our photos. We are blessed by a group of talented and enthusiastic young people who help us with events and will continue the work of the NZBTT.

Special should be made to our founding Youth members,  Tessa English, William Park, Analise Wang, Hannah Ward, Caitlin Berry-Kilgour, Nasya Thompson, Shevan Silva, Monique Cranko, the Taha twins, and Aidan Hung. They have braved cold winter mornings at the Otago Farmer’s Market, Walk Around the World traffic headaches, and technophobic Trustees! We are forever grateful to you for all your help! COVID-19 interfered with our plans and broke the momentum of fundraisers, but we look forward to seeing you all again soon and to meeting future youth members.

And then there are our wonderful models for the Care/Cure/Couture Soirees! Amazing! Our piano players and resident piper Lizze Stevenson.

If you’d like to participate, send us an email with a short blurb about yourself, your reasons for helping, and we will be in touch soon! email

With Sir Richard Fowler in Dunedin

At the fabulous Olveston House Fashion Soiree where we presented out first research grant to Dr Tania Slatter.

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